Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening

People have their teeth whitened on a regular basis so that they can look and feel great. As people age, it is common for teeth to become dull and yellow. This is in part due to age itself and also due to what a person eats and drinks. Drinking coffee, tea, and wine, for example, can stain your teeth. Smoking and eating foods that contain food coloring can also stain your teeth. Brushing immediately after eating and drinking can help to prevent stains but is typically not enough to remove the risk entirely. Fortunately, stained and yellow teeth don't have to stay that way.

 Why have your teeth whitened by a professional?
  1. Professional teeth whitening treatments last longer, typically years, vs. store-bought or at home alternatives which tend to only last weeks or months
  2. Professional teeth whitening treatments are customized for each patient. Working with your dentist, you can achieve a much more natural look
  3. Professional teeth whitening treatments are also much faster - often completed in a single 60-minute session vs. multiple sessions over days or weeks at home

How can I keep my smile nice and bright after getting the whitening treatment?

 To keep your smile as white and gorgeous as possible, it is important to follow up on your session with regular maintenance and solid oral hygiene. Smoking, drinking lots of coffee, tea, and wine can diminish the effects of the whitening process faster. During your session, Dr. Travelle will give you the best, custom advice for your situation.