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I have been to several dentists in the Seattle area in the last 20 years because I don't have dental insurance and am usually looking for a good deal and have found that lot's of dentists are just after money. I have finally found a dentist that really cares about his patients! From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed and relaxed. The environment is beautiful and calming, the staff is competent and friendly and answered all of my many questions. Dr. Travelle was patient, professional, funny and efficient. I went in for a cracked crown where half of it had come off. I was in a lot of discomfort and the first dentist I went to could not see me for 2 weeks. I walked in to Dr. Travelle's office on Wednesday morning and was able to make an appointment for the next morning. Within 2 hours I had my new crown and am so happy. They even put me on a 90 day payment plan interest free. My son said "have a nice time" as I was leaving for my appointment. Guess what? I actually had a great time! Best dentist appointment ever! I can finally settle down and have just one dentist until the Travelle's decide to retire. I will be back. End of story, thanks for listening.
Tracy H.

I was on the search for a new dentist as i was not happy with our previous one at all. So after reading the reviews I decided to call Dr Travelle's office and WOW am i glad i did. Mingon was SO helpful and nice i told my husband if the rest of the staff is like her I think we are golden. And sure enough they were. Ashley put my kids at such ease that my 3 yr old son even let her look in his mouth and this was a HUGE deal. Dr. Travelle greeted us in the hallway by name and we had never met him before. My 7yr old daughter unfortunately had some cavities and Dr Travelle never made me feel like a bad parent for her having some cavities (my previous dentist did) She just received her first filling and she was not nervous at all about having to go because she felt so comfortable there. She even said i'm so glad you found us a new dentist mom. Dr. Travelle advised me after we were done if i had any concerns during the night, no matter the time to check the website for his cell number and give him a call and he will take care of us. This made my daughter happy because she was a little worried about what was going to happen after the Novocaine wore off. I expressed some concerns about my upcoming appointment because I have not been to the dentist in so long. Dr. Travelle said please don't worry, there is no judgement here, we will just do what you are comfortable with and go from there. So needless to say I reccomend Dr. Travelle and his team to anyone looking for a new dentist. They are fantastic!!!
Heather O.

I am 7yrs old and my mom took me to the dentist and i was scared. I did not like my old dentist. I really like Dr. Travelle and Ashley. They were so nice to me and my brother. We get to get toys from the treasure box every time we are good. I would tell other kids to not be scared to go to this dentist office at all.
Kelsey O.

I've been around to many dental offices in the past, and by far I must say that I've been very disappointed with most. I came to Dr . Travelles office by a referral made by my girlfriend, the best decision I've made regarding my dental health care. I am one who seems to have quite a bit of questions and like to know everything in detail. Dr. Travelle took the time to sit down and explain all my options to me, thoroughly. Dr. Travelle even offers paraffin wax for my hands at every appointment, which was very soothing considering the fact that I experience some level of dental anxiety. If you are looking for a dentist who is compassionate, caring and gentle, there is no one else I would recommend other than Dr. Travelle and his staff.
Amberlee H.

I myself work in the dental field and with background history and knowledge of health I am very particular on who I choose as my health care/dental provider. with that being said I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision to become Dr. Travelles patient. upon arriving you are greeted by the lovely ladies up front, you can even entertain yourself with a beautiful view of fishes in the waiting room There's something about seeing a fish tank that set me at ease before any appointment. There's also a cute set up in the corner that offers a wide variety of beverages to help quench your thirst. The office is really organized and clean. Dr. Travelle is very understanding and make sure you fully understand everything that is being offered to you. I am currently 8 months pregnant with my first child (a girl!) and there is absolutely no one else I would trust more with my little girl then Dr. Travelle.
Sokheing D.

I had been up late working the night before my appointment. I wasn't too excited to wake up in the morning and go get a filling. HOWEVER, they took every detail into consideration as to how to make the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. I haven't had a lot of fillings or dental procedures in my life, but I dare say it was actually enjoyable! (I never thought I'd say that about a dentist appointment.) They did quality work in a reasonable amount of time. They came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend them to you
Rob E.

What first lead me to this office was the super friendly and professional front desk staff who answer the phones. I called several dentists in the area and was so turned off by their front desk people. It's sad that a dentist doesn't realize it's hurting their business. Both my husband and I have been in for cleanings and I also had ZOOM done. For referring my husband we both received $25 Amazon gift cards!! This was just a bonus. But more importantly, the staff are so professional, friendly and helpful. Never once did I feel rushed or uncared for. They take their time doing the dental work and I felt like Dr. Travelle made suggested treatments that were honest. While having zoom done on my teeth, I was covered with a blanket, given headphones with music so I could relax AND given a paraffin hand wax about first class treatment. I've been to "fancier" dental offices, but the care and treatment are what is most important to us.
I've been seeing him since January and have had 2 cleanings, 2 filling repairs and Zoom...what care they give. Nothing short of special treatment. This type of care is what brings your patients back again and again. We've finally found our dentist and would highly recommend him to anyone. Nothing beats feeling comfortable and cared for at a dental office. Thank you to the whole staff.
Claudia P.

As a health professional, I am very observant about the small details that make a patient's dental or medical experience safe, comfortable and efficient. I am also aware that medical and dental visits can be "triggering" for people who suffer from PTSD, or for those may have not been diagnosed with this condition, but may come with a significant history of trauma or abuse or anxiety. Dr. Travelle and his team provide service that is in synch with Trauma Informed Care. They are all very kind, compassionate , friendly, warm and welcoming. They offer choices that help patients feel a modicum of control. They explain every procedure with clarity and as much detail as you want. They assure that any pain will be attended to and managed. Dr.Travelle is the only dentist I have seen who actually collaborates with the patient, shares and discusses the treatment plan and breaks down the cost of care. He truly practices patient centered care. I am also impressed by the cheerfulness of the staff, from Mignon at the front desk to each of the dental assistants/hygienists. Dr. Travelle treats everyone on the team in a kind and respectful manner, and they treat each other the same way. I have had several crowns place or replaced, and the quality of the work has been excellent. My daughter had to undergo what is typically painful scaling of plaque and calculus. She endured the treatment nearly pain-free, with no lingering pain post treatment. I enthusiastically recommend this remarkable team of professionals to anyone seeking top-notch, compassionate dental care.
Heather B.

Going to Dr. Travelle's practice is a very enjoyable and painless experience. The level of quality he and his staff uphold is amazing. The Dental Hygienists are wonderful and talk to you throughout the cleaning, which makes the experience a lot more comfortable. Dr. Dr. Travelle treats everyone on the team in a kind and respectful manner, and they treat each other the same way. I have had several crowns place or replaced, and the quality of the work has been excellent. My daughter had to undergo what is typically painful scaling of plaque and calculus. She endured the treatment nearly pain-free, with no lingering pain post treatment. I enthusiastically recommend this remarkable team of professionals to anyone seeking top-notch, compassionate dental care.

Carl B.

Being from out of state, I dreaded finding a new dentist. I checked Yelp, and saw great reviews for Dr Travelle. I made an appointment for myself, wound up cancelling due to work. But kept the appointment for my 6 yr old. She LOVED the office! The staff is friendly and welcoming, making a real effort to make my kids (and me) feel comfortable. They even have a small sectioned off toy/play area in the waiting room. All that being said...Dr Travelle makes it a priority to make each client comfortable. He doesn't burden you with too much info, unless you want it (I don't). He's happy and excited to do his work thouroughly and within your comfort zone. Great business, highly recommend.
N.S. 6/12/2015

Outstanding staff and team. Newest and most comfortable equipment and procedures. Went over and above to take care of the immediate issue and set a path for taking care of me in the future. Outstanding experience. I highly recommend this business and team.
Ed O.

Feel so fortunate to place my dental health into the capable hands of Travelle Family Dentistry. My former dentist sold her practice so this was my opportunity to find a dentist closer to home after 30+ years of making 37 mile round trips. Referrals from two friends helped me narrow my search quickly. They both had the same dentist, and located so close to my home. Had brief hesitation when I learned Dr. Travelle had recently purchased the practice, but all doubt evaporated when I met him and his genuinely friendly staff. First impression was very positive. I was treated with professionalism and kindness by all. Office facilities are clean and up to date. Dr. Travelle exhibits a gentle personality. He is soft spoken, reassuring, patient, and listens well. Most importantly I appreciate his thorough unhurried exams and detailed explanations. I haven't needed any dental work yet, but I can vouch for the excellent dental cleanings! So lucky my search for a new dentist was so easy and ended so successfully.
Laurene M.

I am so glad my father recommend Travelle Family Dentistry. It was a positive experience from the time you entered the office. The office staff was warm and welcoming from the start. I was quickly called back to visit the dentist by the dental assistant with a friendly greeting and smile. I realized their philosophy is definitely to eliminate any anxiety a patient may have upon meeting the dentist. They certainly achieved this goal! With very little wait time, in the chair, I met Dr. Dan Travelle. Dr. Dan showed great listening skills, confidence with the plan of action, and is positive and friendly! When it is time for me to return for my next procedure I will not have a worry because I know I am in good hands from the time I enter the office. I am so happy my father recommended Dr. Daniel Travelle at Travelle Family Dentistry! I am happy to recommend the Travelle Family Dentistry to friends, colleagues, and family too! GREAT, Great, Great, place....
Vicki M.

Visited for my 6 month cleaning. Dr. Travelle is thorough, knowledgeable and friendly, as is the staff. They don't do work that isn't necessary but do make recommendations for work they feel needs to be done. I have been very happy with Dr.Travelle and his staff.
Dave J.

The Drs. Travelle bought this practice from the long-time practitioner Dr. Ed Bruce about two years ago. I stayed on as a patient and am glad I did. Dr. Travelle works hard to win your trust and friendship with a good comprehensive consultation, firm handshake and an attentive, well-trained and friendly staff.
William C.

When my long-time dentist, Ed Bruce, retired, I learned that Daniel Travelle was practicing in the same facility and with the same staff as Dr. Bruce. I knew nothing about Dr. Travelle, but, having no other dentist for 25 years, thought I'd give him a try. While Dr. Bruce set a very high standard for skill and professionalism, I've been very pleased with Dr. Travelle and see absolutely no reason to look for another dentist. He is extraordinarily professional -- explaining every procedure as he goes along, providing cost estimates in advance (along with thorough explanations of insurance issues, etc.) He is pleasant and fun to chat with. And the holdover staff is as skilled, engaging and helpful as ever. If going to the dentist can ever be considered a pleasant experience, you'll find it with Dr. Travelle and his team.
Marty H.

I had a great experience in Dr. Travelle's office. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed by the reception staff as they address you by name. The hygienists are thorough and care about your general health as well as the health of your mouth. Dr. Travelle takes the time to answer all of your questions. He is also very gentle when working in your mouth. I even fell asleep while getting a filling! I highly recommend Travelle Family Dentistry!
Emily W.

My wife and I have been going here for years and when Travelle took over we were a little nervous to see someone new but he does a fantastic job. Explains everything so you know what he's doing, shows you when it’s possible, and just makes going to the dentist a very positive experience (rare). Can't imagine going anywhere else.
Jim J.

Dr. Travelle and his team are great from the first step in. I found him through reviews all saying good things. Well I agree there is nothing but good things to say. He and his staff answer any questions I have without making me jump through hoops. I have a lot of work to be done; he was great to lay out a plan for over time so my mouth and wallet don't suffer. He is quick, and I've had no problems with any of his work. I started going there Nov. 2013. He is so good I went back twice in one day for two sessions (I have a tight schedule so I tend to pile every doctor appointment into one day). If you are looking for a great dentist that is going to give you a good long lasting product for not a lot of money, you have to come here!
Sean E.

I was very pleased with the professionalism and customer service that I received by Dr. Travelle and his staff. I felt very comfortable during the procedures. The staff is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with clarity. I would recommend Dr. Travelle to anyone who appreciates a very welcoming, comfortable, friendly, professional environment. Stacy was my hygienist. This was my first cleaning with her. She was very professional, friendly, and answered all of my questions. I met Cherice at the front desk. She was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable as well. She helped me through the application process and answered my questions with clarity.
Roderick J.

We were sad when Dr Bruce decided to retire. However, Dr Travelle stepped in and made the transition as if he had been there the whole time. We will admit after being with the same dentist 38 years we didn't know what to expect. But after being seen the first time and meeting Dr Travelle he put us right at ease. He has "adopted us" as his own. Knowing all the original staff is still there is comforting and shows they trust him also. He is a perfectionist and cares about the quality of treatment he provides. We highly recommend this office and have complete faith in his ability to provide continuing dental care. Thank you Dr Travelle and staff.
Mike and Jackie M.

Dr. Travelle is extremely kind and gentle. He describes the treatment in detail and goes about his work efficiently. He has called each of my family after their treatments to check on how they are doing. His personal, caring attitude and his professional work is why we are delighted to have Dr. Travelle as our family dentist.
Kelli D.

I recently had several crowns put in and the experience was much better than I expected. I expected one or two would be done at a visit. Dr Travelle did 4 in 1 appointment. They look great and he even called to check up on me the night after the work was completed. I have had many dentist appointments over the years, but never a dentist check up on me. What a great example showing how Dr Travelle really feels and cares about his patients.
I happened to stop by the office to pay my bill today. I mentioned that I need to make an appointment to have some sensitive teeth checked. Instead of making an appointment, they took care of me on the spot. Great service!
Rick W.

Dr. Dan Travelle has taken over for my long-time dentist, Dr. Ed Bruce, who is a very hard act to follow. Dr. Travelle however has stepped right in - he is very personable, appears to be extremely experienced and competent and has immediately introduced new techniques and technology. He has also updated the office (which was already nice), and Dr. Bruce's staff, all of whom he's retained, appear to love him. I'm sticking with Dr. Travelle.
Peter E.

Dr. Travelle and his staff are very friendly and make you feel as part of their dental family! Working on having my wife and kids get in to see Dr.Travelle! I mentioned to Dr. Travelle my son spending time in Guatemala over a college spring break helping kids and families with their health and dental issues. Dr Travelle has also spent time in Guatemala sharing his gift of dentistry to needy familes!
Randy L.

My teeth are amazing! In my youth, I broke my front tooth. I've lived with mismatched teeth for over four decades. My crown was replaced many times. Some crowns would be better than others but always it was clear there was a crown in my smile. With age, my teeth began to change color, and not all in the same shade making them very difficult to match. Last week that changed! Dr. Travelle was able to match my crown to the rest of my teeth. Now when I smile, no one knows that I have a crown in my smile! I couldn't be happier!
Shari V.

My first experience with Dr. Travelle was very pleasant. After having Dr. Bruce as my dentist for 32 years I was as expected a little nervous. Dr. Travelle greeted me with a handshake as he introduced himself. Quiet gentle, with any concerns about my dental health a priority. He responded with advice and offered me his open door anytime I had questions. I am needless to say very impressed and any apprehension I was feeling was quickly put to rest. I also thank Dr. Bruce for offering his patients (old and new) the experience and friendliness that Dr. Travelle brings to the office.
Cindy M.

I had only been going to Dr Bruce for a few years, but instantly bonded with him, his staff, dog tricks and bike stories, not to mention first-rate dental care. When I heard that he retired I was sad, but thought that I'd see how the new guy is. I have to say that Dr. Travelle has not disappointed. The staff seem as happy as ever, and the dental care is great. The thing that I really appreciate about Dr. Travelle is how well he explains dental care options and costs. The photos around the office are cool and the transition from Dr. Bruce could not have been easier.
Joe S.

I have been receiving dental care at this office for over 20 years from Dr. Bruce and the fantastic staff at the office. It has always felt like home to visit the office and I have to admit I was very sad when told Dr. Bruce was retiring. After meeting Dr. Travelle, having some excellent work done and seeing the changes he is making I have no doubt that I will continue to receive excellent care and enjoy my visits to the office. The staff are gems and so is my new Dentist!
Kathy B.

I had been a patent of Dr. Bruce for many years, and I was hesitating to try "the new guy" who took over the practice. What a nice surprise I got. Dr. Travelle is very personable. He asked lots of questions - about my dental health and overall health. From other sources I have been told that his procedures are flawless. I felt great after my first appointment and am going to continue with Dr. Travelle. Also, he is modifying the office hours to accommodate patients (later afternoon and early evening appointments are available). If you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Travelle.

On December 12, I kept my appointment with Dr. Travelle who recently took over the dental practice of Dr. Bruce in Burien. It was strange going to another dentist after being with Dr. Bruce for many years, but I am fond of the staff and wanted to continue with them. Dr. Travelle has updated the office in many ways, both with continuing education for his staff and modernizing the office computer system. I know I will be comfortable and secure continuing my dental relationship with this office. Welcome to Burien, Dr. Travelle!
Joan J.

Travelle Family Dentistry is fantastic. Dr. Travelle is a kind and professional dentist. He cares about his patients and the way they feel when they are in his chair. He is quick to explain what he is doing and gentle with his touch. The rest of the staff is equally wonderful and professional. Whether I am getting a routine teeth cleaning, getting an x-rays or scheduling an appointment, I feel taken care of from the moment I walk through the door. My son and I have been patients for 16 years, first with Dr. Bruce and now with Dr. Travelle, and we couldn't be happier.
Rebecca G.

Bottom line: "It's all good." I've been going to Dr. Bruce since he started. We were on the same high school swim team. When he retired this year, Dr. Travelle has continued the “best of class" tradition. I can't think of anything they could improve. It's as good as going to a dentist can get.

I have been a patient of this office for a very long time. I started when it was Dr Bruce and now continue to go since Dr Travelle has taken over. I am very pleased with the care that I receive every time. They are always eager to help make you as comfortable as possible. They listen to your concerns and address them as best they can. Also they are very compassionate, competent, friendly and caring. Often times before when I would go to the dentist I was left dumbfounded by the explanation they gave me of what they were doing. Now with Dr Travelle I am able to understand what is going on as he explains everything in very simple terms. They have a little play area for small kids to keep them occupied. I have a 1 1/2 year old and he usually comes with me and sits on my lap while I am getting my cleanings done. They are always so good with him and don't mind that he is there. My husband and I just recently started taking our son there and they were very patient with him and didn't force anything on him as he is young and didn't want to open his mouth for him! I definitely would recommend giving Travelle Family Dentistry a try if you are in need of a dentist or just unhappy with your current one. Never a complaint from me!
Chrystina P.

I have been going to this dentistry since I was 5 years old. Dr. Bruce just retired and it’s hard to let someone go after 20 years of incredible dental work. I just met Dr. Travelle (who replaced Dr. Bruce) this morning. The moment I met him I felt like he had in fact already been my dentist for years. He took the time to research my family and me before coming in and made us feel cared for. He is a very gentle dentist, personable, and genuine. The staff remains the same. Excellent service and dental health care at Travelle Family Dentistry.
Tyler K.

Dr. Travelle looks to be making a smooth transition. I liked his conservative approach and that Dr Bruce's staff was still there for continuity (they are all fabulous). This is a good practice for my family's dental care and I would recommend it.

I just had my first visit with Dr. Travelle who took over Dr. Bruce's practice. I was a little hesitant because I loved Dr Bruce. While I miss Dr Bruce, Dr. Travelle is a great guy. Kind, gentle and caring. I look forward to being his patient. Stacie my hygienist and Cherise receptionist are still there and I have to say they are fabulous.
Pattie G.

Dr. Travelle, I am writing you about my past and present experiences with the “Dentist”. Some 20+ years ago our family had a good experience with a local dentist, but he retired. Out of necessity, we moved on to another and the frustration began. The new Dentist had different payment policies for my wife and me even though I pay the bills. They treated me like a cash cow and I felt I was used strictly for fundraising. I left and therefore neglected my dental health. Recently, I tried out Dr. Bruce. I was not with him long enough to have an opinion as he retired. I stayed on as you obtained the practice and happy I did. For the first time in a long- long time, I feel a part of the process. I really do have choices related to treatment, a refreshing change. In addition, I am offered payment and billing options from the beginning, up front and no surprises. The treatment I have received so far has been exceptional, from the front office to the chair. I truly appreciate your honest approach and interaction with me. Keep up the great work!

After being with the same dentist for the last 7 years, he sold the business and Dr. Daniel Travelle is the new dentist he transferred the business to. For starts, I already had good faith that Dr. Bruce's recommendation would be top notch. The bar was pretty high from my last dentist and I am happy to report that it's just as high with the new Dentist. Dr. Travelle was extremely knowledgeable and even went above and beyond the routine, they checked if there were any cancer cells, etc. It's not a quick drive from Greenlake but absolutely worth it twice a year!
Seattle R.

I am very happy to have found Travelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Travelle and his staff have all been very professional and informative on each visit. I have also been made to fell very welcome while there. During my visits, Dr. Travelle took his time to answer my questions and explain options in a way that was easy to understand. I learned a few things and have a better idea what is happening and what I need to do in the future. During my recent visits, I got stated addressing a few issues that had gone unmentioned by a previous dentist. Dr. Travelle also took his time to follow up with me after each appointment, which I really appreciate.

Three fillings were done today and WOW! Dr. Travelle was simply wonderful. No pain at all (he was very concerned about that!) and for something that I'd rather not have done...I wouldn't want to go to anyone else in the future!

Dr. Travelle is a great dentist. Very professional and nice! His staff is fantastic too! My husband and I both go to him and my children too. He is great with kids! 

I recommend him and his staff 100%
Mary M.

When I was a kid I had a not so stellar experience, which completely tainted my idea of the dentist. To be honest it made me very reluctant to schedule those biannual visits. I am extremely lucky to have found Dr. Travelle and his amazing staff! Everyone is so great here, from the front office to the dental hygienists. Dr. Travelle is very friendly, personable, truly invested in your care, and on making your visit as comfortable as possible. You will not be disappointed!
Pam D.

Dr. Travelle and Dr. Bruce II are of the same mine set. The first goal is to do what is right for the patient, help you in any way with keeping your teeth for as long as you live. Their staff is one of the best for working with you on appointments or with your insurance company. This was my first time with Dr. Travelle and found him to be very through like Dr. Bruce. He like Dr. Bruce pointed out what I was doing right and then suggested some ways to help maintain my complete care of my teeth (since I'm sixty plus in age) that is often miss by other dentists, with age comes changes in maintaining health.

I had a wonderful experience receiving professional care at Dr Travelle's office. He explained to me what he was going to do and asked if I had any questions before proceeding with care. The financial estimate was given to me the previous visit, so I knew exactly what to expect. Everyone there was helpful and professional. I would recommend them to my friends.
Rick G.

Dr. Travelle and his staff are extremely polite and professional. After an accident, I needed a new porcelain crown on a front tooth. Dr. Travelle picked the perfect matching color, and no one can tell the difference. Totally satisfied customer here!!!

Dr. Travelle is great! I switched over to him after leaving my childhood dentist. He is smart, kind, and does an awesome job. I have never had my teeth whitened, and when I mentioned it he had me do Sensational Smile. My teeth look great! I also had to have a lot of work done on a few teeth, and I easily get uncomfortable at the dentist. He was calm and patient with me. He finished in a timely manner and my teeth look awesome! The office staff is also very friendly and nice. I refer Dr. Travelle to all friends and family :)!

Dr. Travelle provided me with a great dental experience, he's professional yet personable. I needed two cavities drilled / filled that I had developed after a 4 year hiatus avoiding the dentist. He was informative about the procedure and made sure that all my questions were answered before he started. The procedure went as he said and was painless. I recommend Dr. Travelle to my friends and family.

This was the first time I met Dr. Travelle. He put me at ease. I was not there for a check up or anything really related to teeth. It was my last ditch effort to get relief from jaw pain. Dr. Travelle listened to me and understood the pain I was in. He did what he could to ease my anxiety and get me to the right medical help. The staff are always friendly and efficient. They know who you are when you walk in the door.

Dr. Travelle is wonderful, amazing bedside manner, very thorough review of my teeth and gums. Wonderful plan of care and kindness in reviewing my history. I highly recommend him to anyone; in fact he is taking care of my 7 year old little boy as well. My first impression was extremely positive. I am so impressed with this office.

I wanted to have a bridge implant and before I decided; Dr. Travelle explained to me all my options and procedures, then, in few visits, everything came together and now I have a part of my mouth back and ready for the big smile! Thank you very much Dr. Travelle. Amazing staff! Please keep it up!

Excellent service. Very gentle and skilled at filling my cavities. No pain whatsoever.

Awesome dentist! Caring, patient and thorough. He explains everything very well and makes you feel comfortable.
Lea H.

Dr. Travelle is an excellent dentist. His commitment to quality is obvious and he is very easy to talk to also! I highly recommend him!
Christopher V.

Dr. Travelle, I wanted to thank you and your staff for giving one of those statements patients want to hear. "Your teeth are in outstanding condition, and keep up what you’re doing". I remember when I had great concern that at my age 66 my gums were not in the best condition. Well, Thanks to Kerri, Stacy telling me to go buy a Sonic care and they will take the time to teach me how to use it. I took their advice and followed their instructions. Now I can say with the help of you and the staff I will not be living old phrase you can pay now or later. I will never forget what you told me after looking at my teeth. Roger you should still have your teeth for a very long time if you continue doing what we suggest. Thank you and your staff for the advice.
I really look forward to seeing them hoping I will hear those words…Your doing a great job and we see very few problems. Cherise is one of those staff members you can always count on if you need help in changing appointments or billing questions. I really appreciate the follow up calls for when I need to return.

Each time I needed to visit the dentist in the past it was a day of gloom and doom. This is not so with Dr. Travelle and his staff. Although it is still not my favorite thing to do, they all make it very pleasant and tolerable. They take the time to spend with you and explain what they are doing and help put your mind at ease. Even if you are just there for a cleaning and Dr. Travelle does not need to see you he still stops by and at least says hello and asks how you are doing. They are kind, genuine, competent, caring people and truly care about your well being. I recently even started taking my young son there, instead of a specialized pediatric dentist, and they showed him the same compassion and patience they show us older peeps. They truly are a family dentist office. If you are in need of a dentist or are just not satisfied with your current practitioner I highly recommend you give Dr. Travelle and his staff a try.
Steve P.

This place is great and deserves 5 stars! My whole experience was very pleasant and I don't like going to the dentist. I was welcomed by very warm and friendly staff with excellent customer service. Dr. Travelle is very attentive and professional. He is knowledgeable and was able to answer every single question I asked him. I had 5 fillings and I felt so relaxed since the entire procedure was painless. I will definitely recommend Dr. Travelle to my friends and families. He is an amazing dentist who genuinely cares about his patients. Thank you!
Steve L.

I came here for deep cleaning and Dr. Travelle and his staff are really friendly, they made me feel welcomed. The hygienists are very helpful, funny and thorough with their work. I'm very happy there, very professional and friendly.

Very pleased with my recent visit to Dr. Travelle's office. He recently took over the practice from long-time dentist Dr. Ed Bruce, who had been in the Burien area for many, many years. Dr. Bruce found a great replacement to take on his practice. Daniel Travelle is obviously an extremely competent clinician, and he does something that other medical professionals should take note of: He explains very clearly what he is doing, and in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Bruce was the same way and Dr. Travelle has some of the same attributes. I was seriously going to switch to my wife's dentist once I heard Dr. Bruce was retiring, but now I'm staying put and will continue going to Dr. Travelle. Very professional staff all around!
Chris R.

From my first phone contact, with Ashley, I felt that this dental office was going to be special. I was greeted by Cherise, who greets and schedules patients, and introduced to Stacy, the wonderful hygienist who cleaned my teeth and took radio-graphs (digital, low dose). She was professional, personable, and very gentle. She communicated her findings with Dr. Travelle, who came in and introduced himself and asked about what I was hoping to accomplish with my dental care. He carefully and thoroughly went over his assessment with me, and proposed a treatment plan with my input. Real patient centered care! The treatment plan also included the cost of each phase, and how much my insurance would pay and how much I would be responsible for. The whole office seems genuinely happy and friendly, and I have never been treated so kindly by any medical or dental provider as I have here. I personally do not have any dental anxiety, but if I did, I am sure the way this staff treats people would be of great help to the dentally traumatized client.
Heather B.

Going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do, but Dr Travelle and his staff make every visit great! Definitely has changed my outlook on going to dentist, if you need a good family dentist I would recommend Travelle Family Dentistry
Demetrius G.

I have been going to Dr. Ed Bruce for years for my dental needs and always loved the family vibe. Doc Bruce retired and Dr. Travelle has taken over the office. Same vibe, same staff, same comfortable, thorough service. Though my work location has moved to north Seattle and I live in Port Orchard, I will continue to travel to Travelle Family Dentistry.

Dr. Travelle is thoughtful, thorough, and trustworthy. Though I grew up in Burien, I now live in Issaquah and had the option of transitioning to a new dental practice. After only a few visits, I am so thankful for the ways that Dr. Travelle has made this dental practice his own. When I met him, it was obvious that he knew exactly who I was and had already seen each person in my immediate family (who also call Travelle Family Dentistry their dentist's office). When it comes to dentistry, I will continue to trek to Burien for years to come!
Haley S.